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Terms & Conditions (Fixed Price Repairs)

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As with all responsible companies, we have some terms and conditions that apply to usage of our service. We have tried to keep everything here in plain English with no confusing terms as the intention is not to hide clauses from you, we are simply trying to be as transparent as possible. We don't have to refer to these terms very often, however we would advise all customers to read and ensure they understand the terms before using our service as arranging a visit constitutes acceptance of these terms and conditions.

What is Included?

  • Samsung trained engineers.
  • Time required to diagnose and repair a single fault reported on the original booking.
  • Any return visits to fit parts that are required.
  • Functional parts required to repair the fault reported up to the retail value of £200 from www.buyspares.co.uk
  • Professional safety check of your appliance.
  • VAT
  • All Work is Guaranteed.

    What is NOT Included?

  • Any faults we have previously diagnosed outwith the fixed price option that have not been repaired.
  • Commercial appliances or domestic appliances in commercial settings. Contact us for a quote in these circumstances.
  • Appliances situated in caravans or on boats.
  • Food loss, spoilage or other associated losses.
  • More than one fault or any fault not reported to us at the time of booking.
  • Repairs as a result of misuse, negligence or poor installation.
  • Repairs where our engineer determines it to be potentially unsafe, including but not limited to incorrectly wired or containing bodily fluids.
  • Refrigeration system work. If the repair requires the engineer to break into the gas system of your refrigeration appliance, we would be unable to complete the repair under a fixed price guarantee and the advertised diagnosis charge would be payable in this event. If you wished to complete the repair on a chargeable PAYG basis, this callout would be refunded from the final repair cost.
  • Repairs as a result of appliances being affected by flood damage or infestation.
  • Cosmetic, consumable, plastic/glass or non-functional parts unless they are the main and only fault reported or they are specifically required to correct the main reported fault.
  • Repairs to appliances which have not been installed in accordance with the manufacturers' recommendations.
  • Appliances which differ from the details used to obtain the quote.

    If We Cannot Complete Your Repair

  • Your right to cancel may be exercised in writing or in another durable medium by contacting us. For ways to contact us please see the Contact Us page. If we have already visited to diagnose the fault, the advertised diagnosis charge will be payable and is not refundable.
  • In a few instances the required part(s) may not be readily available from our suppliers and may have extended lead times where they require sourcing from abroad.
  • If after a period of 4 weeks, beginning from the first call out, the required part(s) is / are still outstanding and the appliance is inoperable, either party has the right to cancel the fixed price repair. In this case you will be entitled to receive a refund of the original fee paid, minus the advertised diagnosis charge. If any parts have already been fitted, you must provide access within 7 days for these to be removed before a refund will be processed. Any excessive wear or tear or any misuse to these parts will be chargeable at full market value of those parts.

    We reserve the right to cancel a fixed price repair if on evaluation of the details supplied or during the repair:
  • We estimate that the cost of parts required is greater than £200.
  • If the parts required are found to be obsolete through the manufacturer. Please note we will not use retail sites to source parts.
  • If the engineer deems the appliance un-repairable.
  • In all of these instances you will be entitled to receive a refund of the original fee paid within 14 days, minus the advertised diagnosis charge.

    Repair Guarantee

    On most repairs we offer a guarantee period of 90 days, with the first day being the date of repair. This guarantee means where possible, we will correct a failed repair if it is caused by the exact same part failing. We will refuse a repair under guarantee without recompense in the following non-exhaustive list of conditions:

    - If anyone else has repaired or dismantled the machine after our initial visit.
    - If we believe the repair has failed due to lack of maintenance or negligence of anyone other than our engineers.
    - If the repair fails due to normal wear and tear.
    - If any security seals we place on the appliance are removed or tampered with.
    - If you refuse to allow us to place security seals on the appliance at the time of repair.
    - If the repaired part fails due to failure of another non-repaired part.
    - If the appliance is being used in a commercial setting or for commercial purposes, regardless of whether it was originally being used for this purpose or not when the part was fitted.
    - Where a glass item has shattered/broken and we have no way to rule out accidental damage or misuse.
    - Where the fault is not related to the repair carried out previously.
    - Where you have failed to follow any usage or maintenance instructions our engineer provided previously.
    - Where parts become obsolete or we are otherwise unable to source them through our regular suppliers.
    - Where you were advised originally that the repair was not covered by warranty.
    - Where you notify us more than 7 days after the fault reoccurs.
    - Where the original fault was caused by misuse or not following the manufacturers usage or maintenance instructions. This includes clearing blockages or obstructions.
    - Where we fit a part and it fails, we may at our discretion, refund (minus the diagnostic charge and a pro-rata amount based on usage) the payment rather than continuing to replace the part.
    - No guarantee is offered for consumable parts such as bulbs, filters or other similar parts.
    - Any repairs reported on or after 91 days of the original visit.

    Please note to take advantage of this guarantee, you must report any reoccurring fault to a member of our staff directly and allow our engineers access to inspect the appliance within 3 working days from the day reported. If we cannot offer you an appointment within 3 working days, you must allow access within 3 working days of the first appointment date we offer you. Failure to allow access within this time will result in your warranty on that repair being voided. You should assume we are not aware of any fault until an appointment is confirmed to re-inspect the appliance. If our engineer arrives at your property during the appointment time and cannot gain access, your warranty on that repair is voided. If our engineer determines that the fault reported is not covered under our repair guarantee, our standard charges would apply. Refusal to pay these charges on a visit determined not to be covered by our repair guarantee will instantly void any and all repairs you currently have guaranteed by us, regardless of whether these are on the same appliance or otherwise. Please note that any guarantee is provided on the specific appliance repaired, in the exact property it was repaired in. Appliances moved within the current household are still covered as long as the fault is not caused by movement of the appliance, but appliances moved to another address or passed on during the sale of a property are no longer covered. Under no circumstances is any part of our guarantee transferrable to any other person. Please note that a revisit does not reset the 90 days count, the guarantee is still 90 days from the original repair. Please note that in some cases, a part failing may also damage other parts. Our guarantee includes cover for the original part fitted only, any other parts required would be chargeable to the customer. In the event that you do not wish to fit other parts, we would be unable to complete the repair and this guarantee would be void. If parts required to fulfil this guarantee are out of stock with our usual suppliers at the time of ordering, we reserve the right to wait for those parts to become available. If the 90 days guarantee expires without these parts becoming available through our usual suppliers, your guarantee period is no longer valid. If your fitted part fails and for any reason we are unable to replace that part/or the appliance is found to be beyond repair due to the original part failure, we may deduct an amount from any recompense relative to the amount of usage you have obtained after the repair. For example, if 30 days have passed since repair, we may deduct up to 1/3 of the refund cost as this is 1/3 of the guaranteed period, if 60 or more days have passed since the repair we may deduct up to 2/3 of the cost to reflect usage for 2/3 of the guaranteed period. Please also note that there is no cash refund alternative option, this is a repair only guarantee.


    Our engineers carry a very extensive van stock which allow them to complete a large number of repairs on the first visit to the property. Unfortunately our engineers cannot carry every part they may come across and as such there are occasions where we need to order parts.

    Our normal expected turnaround is 2 working days from order to arrival, however we advise allowing 5 working days for in-stock parts. Delays out-with our control may occur and we cannot be held liable for any losses in such cases.

    In some cases, when parts are fitted during a fixed price repair we may require that the failed parts are removed to our workshop. In some cases this is because our engineers will replace the failed part with a higher level part, meaning rather than replace a single small component that has failed, they will replace the whole assembly that includes that failed part. By removing the failed parts, this allows us to carry out training and also potentially salvage certain components from those parts, helping us to build a stock of components for future use, especially if those components become obsolete.

    Please note that in some cases, it may be required for us to fit a part to then determine what other parts are faulty. For example, a leaking hose in a washing machine would need to be fixed before we could find out there is a problem with it taking too much water during the cycle. In this instance, the above 4 week timeline is still relevant and you must wait until this time has passed before you are entitled to cancel the repair.

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